Learn to use Python in a day…

Admittedly I am late to the game with Python.  That said, I have trained and qualified myself in the understanding and use of it.

(NOTE:  I watch these videos at 2X speed…  you may want to start at 1.5X if you are not completely comfortable with programming paradigms)

I started by following this 17 video sequence to understand the new syntax and rules.  Its all basic…  but if you are coming from a different language it can be very confusing at first.  I suggest taking the time to step through the basic videos…  not because you don’t know how to set up an if/else structure…  but simply to get comfortable with the style of Python.

Having a lot of experience using languages that are tightly type cast, agnostic to spacing, and deterministic…  my first response to Python was “Trouble – ACK!”

Type casting was traditionally very important for ensuring compiled results came out as expected…  older compilers would let get into trouble in any number of ways.  Compilers these days are orders of magnitude better…  so…  the harsh rules of the past are no longer relevant.

I accept this as a superior tool for quick collaborative development.

Many good changes to legacy methods have been developed and refined (even though a few stinkers snuck through…  like the confusing for new folks += ) and I have decided that I like the language and want to work with it.

Now…  for some more advanced use cases.


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