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Sorry, no fun pictures of outings to post…  tho the waves have picked up here in Santa Cruz.

Contract work picked up a bit too.  In the immediate we are pretty committed…  but always on the lookout for FTE and LabVIEW work.

  • 10hrs/week – OEM Automotive in Fremont (Startup)
  • 10hrs/week – R&D / Sevcon support in La Selva Beach (Startup)
  • 1-10hrs/week – Robotics in Palo Alto (Startup)
  • 5hrs/week – LabVIEW  (YEA!!!!!)

Our stated intent is still to move toward FTE work (in any field) or LabVIEW work (of any kind be that FTE, Retainer, Contract, Consult, or in Education).


-the management

To the prospective Full Time Employer

I am currently seeking full time employment, in the following order of preference:

  • Test Engineering in a position that is heavy in LabView.
    • R&D, Lab Support/Management/Tooling, Qualification, Production testing, component -> PCB -> System level.  If it involves solving problems with LabView I am in.
  • Full Stack Battery Management Systems Engineering
    • Architecting, down selection, component spec’ing, circuit design, PCB layout, proof of concept and first runs, production intent hardware, full production, legacy support, retrofit, and reverse engineering.
  • Systems Engineering in the Electric Vehicle market or DC of any kind
    • Battery powered systems low power to high power.

Schindler Engineering   is not currently    committed to any long term efforts which can not be tied up inside of a week.  We have a few short term deliverables which are at 90% and we are hesitant to make further comittments before investigating opportunities to work under the umbrella of a larger company.

“We” (Schindler Engineering) are currently only responsible to myself and our Accountant.  Our accountant has opportunities for FTE work and our contracting associates are all pretty well placed in paying work off site.


Rational for seeking Full Time Work:

Contracting and Consulting affords us a lot of flexibility…  but it comes with a very large overhead, inconsistent finances, and most importantly a risk level which is above what we can currently tolerate.  We have financial obligations and stability needs which are incompatible with the ups and downs of Startup Life.

I am in a position to commit to FTE work for a length of time up to 10 years and I would prefer to target positions which will last no less than 2 years.  Of course life happens…  but we always aim at what we want to hit.

I can work On Site anywhere in the Bay Area 40hrs a week with On-Call from Santa Cruz County (40 minute response time other than rush hour).

I am flexible around compensation depending on requirements.  If I need to be on site, on a fixed schedule, on hard deadlines, doing tough work, managing risk, <[in the critical path…]> then I need to earn market rates.  If on the other hand…  there is flexibility for me to work an alternative schedule, work from home part time, to work outside of the critical path, to do work which involves low stress/low risk…  we can afford to work a bit under market.  The key factor in salary requirements is how tied into the schedule I am and how much flexibility there is for my family needs.

At this point in my career I should be transitioning into management… (which is as critical path as it gets…) but I still really enjoy engineering work (which often can involve parallel path activities…) so I will entertain any opportunity for the right company.

You will start to see a transition in the Schindler Engineering blog to focus more on LabView, Test Engineering, BMS architecting, and other activities which develop quickly (meaning I need to stay up to date on the latest to be relevant).

Feel Free to check in on some highlights of my experience at LinkedIn:

Being that I have over 15 years post bachelor experience…  there is far more unlisted than listed at this point.

thanks,   -Patrick