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Sorry, no fun pictures of outings to post…  tho the waves have picked up here in Santa Cruz.

Contract work picked up a bit too.  In the immediate we are pretty committed…  but always on the lookout for FTE and LabVIEW work.

  • 10hrs/week – OEM Automotive in Fremont (Startup)
  • 10hrs/week – R&D / Sevcon support in La Selva Beach (Startup)
  • 1-10hrs/week – Robotics in Palo Alto (Startup)
  • 5hrs/week – LabVIEW  (YEA!!!!!)

Our stated intent is still to move toward FTE work (in any field) or LabVIEW work (of any kind be that FTE, Retainer, Contract, Consult, or in Education).


-the management

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