Schindler Engineering Adventure 003

It was noted by staff that it has been a Looooong time since we have gone on a Schindler Engineering Adventure…

(not really – it has just been a long time since we Posted about it…  )

So – here we go:      Cliff Clambering at Sunset, a Silent Movie

Of course Kimberly had her clamber as well…  so our next silent movie will star her and we are thinking the title will be:

“Treasure Hunting in the Sketchiest Spot Imaginable…  During a Storm Surge”

That about sums it up.

Until next time…  we are super busy…  but we always make time for exercise, and we only do exercise which is fun.

Why    would    anyone    do    exercise    that    is    miserable   ???

Solve that riddle and staying fit gets easy.


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