An interesting place to test your skills…

Conditions:       Low Tide, high surf

Procedure:       Clamber out to the rock indicated, leave your stuff, paddle out

Expect:               Rocks everywhere…  but a two stage ride all the way to shore

This spot offers a very fun ride for the bodyboarder who is not faint of heart.  There is a good channel that loops you around about 50 yards.

Paddle out…  get pulled south.

The outside break is too much work to get to but the middle break is great.  When you ride it in you will end up about 50 – 75 yards south of the launch point.  Strangely…  paddling straight back out will land you back at the rock.

(PERFECT!  This sort of loop-current is exactly what you want)

Waves are easy to catch and there is a 1-2 connect…  If you get ahead of the first wave you can connect to a second and ride all the way in to the rocks.  At the end of the ride just pull back… and froth out.  (if you cant “decide” when your ride is over this is not the spot for you)

There are very large outcroppings…  wear a helmet…  dont take a fancy fiberglass board with fins.

This is all sensitive reef…  so…  dont mess it up for the next person!  You can walk on the reef but be sensitive to the life that is on it.  If you look closely it is all “liverock”…  this is rock built up of layer after layer of dead sea life.

It is easy to identify the larger rocks in the deeper water.  Maybe 6′ – 10′ at low tide.  Look for where the break is starting.  Look for disturbances in the water.  Rocks surface as far as 50 yards out.

Assume at all times that you are in 18” of water!  Dont hang your knees too deep unless you want to “find out”.  Trust the board to skim over the rocks…

If you are with a friend…  the beach is a great place to walk and explore.  Not necessarily epic tide pools, but …  legit Northern California Beach.  We went out at sunset and it was amazing.  Leave time to walk back in the dark.


Back online…

During the outage Kimberly and I made it out to one of the “treasure spots” north of the lighthouse.

A “treasure spot” is defined as a beach which you can only get to by repelling, swimming, spelunking, or otherwise not taking the stairs, a path, or an easy method of approach.

These beaches are the best…  No footprints, lots of beach glass, flotsam of every sort, privacy, and are generally packed full of adventure.

We revived the ol’ Go-Pro…  so video soon.  Hopefully some underwater video!

-the management