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To be brutally honest the stress level is high but so are spirits.  We have been focusing on “wins” and have managed to stay pretty busy while converging on full time work.   Priority for Schindler Engineering is lowering risk/stress for the next 10 years.

Recent Details   –  (will disambiguate and provide references upon request)

  1.  (LabVIEW) contract complete, production code delivered, hours left on the books. (5 week quote, rush job delivered early)
  2. (LabVIEW) contract conditions met, underbid job, over hours, functional but in need of 4hrs re-architecting (to be something which meets standards) (1 day quote, 1/2 day in the queue, “rush job” aspect delivered on time)
  3. (OEM Startup) contract work shifted to Consultation, on warm standby pending critical path milestone blocks.  Totally normal startup stuff.
  4. (Sevcon) Three jobs in the queue at local design company.  Parts in hand and <projecting> under a weeks effort to get 2 customer jobs shipped and 1 assembly into full production.  Very late…  but we ran on a tight budget as resources were available and while working other ventures.  We did good work and the end product will be safe, reliable, and sustainable.
  5. (Robotics) work spooled down but contract still open (awaiting round 2)
  6. BMS work about to ramp up again but strictly venture (no billing/hobby work – low risk big reward)
  7. Local odd jobs caught up…  we take whatever comes our way.  We are always glad to take a job that will get someone out of a pinch.  Recently replaced the starter in a neighbors car and installed an audio system in a commercial vehicle.  Fun work that aids in the avoidance of “baseline skill atrophy”.


Stated Intent:

We have a heavy preference for contracts that may lead to full time work, long term contracts, or overall stabilization of income (which leads to lower risk/stress).


Recent Bids:

  1.  Soliciting Requirements from a contract Test Engineering firm in hopes of teaming up for work heavy in LabVIEW.
  2. Meeting scheduled with a Recruiter (whom I had luck with in the past) for work unknown.  Likely Test Engineering.  Likely involving some LabVIEW.


Prospective Customer:

Feel free to make contact.  If the work you have is not a good match we will do the best we can to put you in contact with someone we can vouch for.  Engineering these days involves infinite complexity…  every engineer is like a 7 sided puzzle piece.  The trick is finding the person who covers most of what you need…  and can learn the rest quickly and efficiently.  The days of just hiring an “EE” or an “ME” really are over.  Wish I could say it were different…  because if I could…  I would be a SUPER-ENGINEER!  (and would require a cape)


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