Update: Android BootLoop Recovery

The Android booted up and stayed online long enough for me to perform the following mission critical activities:

  1.  Change two-step verification to a different method
  2. Manually back up my SMS history

I am now officially on to my next phone…  and what it will be nobody knows.  Whatever is the best value on Craigs List (for equal or better) most likely…  or the cheapest Water Resistant phone I can find (used of course).

Final Word on the Nexus 5X:

It was the best phone I ever owned.  It failed only because the motherboard would no longer function.  Every other aspect of the phone was amazingly Patrick-Proof.

Google absolutely killed it with that phone…  and it must have been sold at an epic loss…  because every little nugget in that phone was dialed…  especially the camera.  The pictures that came out of that phone were unbelievable.

RIP Nexus 5X