Getting Tether on an LG G5 . . . that has 820H (phone herpes)

So it turns out that AT&T…  (after failing time and time again to come up with a good operating system on their own…)   were basically GIVEN Android…  and yet they still don’t want to “play nice” with others by properly exposing the native capabilities of the phone.

Get the idea here – (cant vouch for the source but the info is there)

If you attempt to use the native ability of your LG Android phone to Tether…  they throw up a nag screen to stop you and demand further ransom.  On top of the ridiculous plan they are already charging you for… (like $200/mo?!?) they want to sell you data for tethering.  Eh hem…  Greed.

Here is how you defeat that rude feature… in the event that you buy the hardware used…  and you need to do some testing.

  • Normally you just root the device and clear the AT&T crap off of it.  In this case AT&T triple bolted the front door, added a drawbridge, dug a moat, and basically made it impossible to root the phone.  Proof of this here, I have not proven it myself.


(but of course…  while they were busy not playing nice…  they left the back door wide open)


  • In that case we are stuck with the OS and all the Bloat.  As time goes on I will painstakingly pick it apart and clean it up..  but until then we need Tether.  Tether is available (as all things are available) via the “Back Door Method” (always liked that term..)


  • To “Back Door” AT&T on an LG G5 you need Back Door Tools.  I don’t mean flashlights and lube…  I mean SQL editors and patience.  In this case…  about 25 seconds worth of patience, as seen here.

(Confirmed legit)

What an amazing tool….  the Settings and Database Editor.

Cover art

 Settings Database Editor- screenshot thumbnail


  • Follow the steps, takes about a minute, set Tethering from 5 to 0…  AND DONE.

Thank You Android for building a proper operating system that not even a trillion dollar machine could break.

Thank you Settings and Database Editor for doing the right thing.

Now…  with all this free time on my hands (this usually takes half a day…) I am not quite sure how to spend my time.  Sleeping perhaps.