Tether… to use your Android as a WiFi Hot Spot

A lot of folks are confused about Tethering.  The confusion comes from carriers like AT&T attempting to monetize the feature.  They want you to have a Cell Phone bill *and* a HotSpot Bill.

In a nut shell..  you have your plan, your plan comes with a set amount of “data”, you can burn that data thru watching YouTube on the phone…

If you want to utilize your phone as a HotSpot (to allow you and others to access the internet thru your phone via a computer) you enable Tethering (turn on the WiFi Hot spot Feature).  Carriers attempt to treat this data as “different”…  and they block it until you buy a separate plan.

Every modern Android phone has the native ability to act as a WiFi Hub.  It works no differently than logging into any WiFi hub…  only you can do it anywhere you have 4G service.

If you end up with a used phone that was once an AT&T variant…  you need to turn off the blocking of this feature.  The feature boils down to a single byte in a table that dictates whether it works…  or is blocked.

It is not unethical in any way to remove this blocking.  The blocking is similar to the Music Industry where old money is desperately trying to hold on to an old model of monetization (that no longer fits societies needs).

I TOTALLY GET IT…  they want to make as much money as they possibly can.  They want to lock people into their service in any way they can.  They are free to do so…  BUT…  the world moves faster now.

People are smarter.  Competition catches up quicker.  The White Hat Hacking community is fierce.

Where all this is going (do you know this???) is Charge by the KB across the board.  All internet access will be charge by the KB, even your Cable and DSL.  In the not so distant future the thought of subsidized “unlimited” KB usage will be a twinkle.  Take that to the bank…  as the only way it could be untrue is if large companies like Google decide to just eat the costs (like they do for cloud storage on things like Gmail).

Bandwidth in real time is much more expensive to maintain than static data.

So…  looking at this thru the long term lens…  it makes absolutely no difference whether I burn KB thru watching Youtube on my Phone…  or watching Youtube on my PC.  KB is KB at a given speed.

These days smart phones can Torrent with the best of them, Stream HD, swap very large files, and there is no reason to think of them as any different than a PC.

A PC is just a more comfortable Typing interface…  and it will go away with time as well.