Fully Distributed (and qualified…) BMS

The proper way to do it…

The hardware landed last week (very nice kit complete to the wire ends).  Today we had the kick-off that green-lighted us for testing.

What we are looking at is a secure ISOspi bus behind a CAN firewall.  We will be developing some TEST ONLY hardware to interface with and exercise this system.  Look for pics as things develop.

Week 1)  Get the firmware playing nice, confirm command line communication and power draw, put together the LabView spread for viewing all data and exercising all functions.

We will be spending equal time between expanding functional test and trying to break basic functionality (every permutation of what could possibly hang the hardware in a high power state…  so basically…  just testing the dead man and handshake timers).

I have pics now…  but on the run late for my day job (as a superhero)

FYI:  Schindler Engineering is back on non-profit work for now.  That was always where we gave our best performance anyway…  More fun that way.  Sporting.

thanks, – Patrick