4:20 Posts…

If nobody has caught on yet…

I have been doing a series of posts that go public at 4:20AM PDT daily.

Here and there…  in this venue and that venue… from whatever device is in front of me…  from whatever screen name I happen to be logged in as.

(And I utilize a persistent online Identity, unmasked IP, and distinct signature of prose…  so this is not “Troll Work” or “Anonymous” or “Terrorism”)

((lol not funny))


This is Captain’s Log – USA


This is not a copy and paste activity.  Its a “Wake up sick to my stomach at 3:20AM” … activity…

So its stored ammo…  but stored only in my mind…  and spilled out as fast as possible…  with no editing…  so as to “keep it real” (note – if you address my truth by judging my spelling and grammar you ARE retarded – … by definition).

Yea…  so…

Thats all I feel like writing today.

I am not a reporter – BUT I AM

I am not an MP – BUT I AM



If I audit you (and I can, in various ways)…  or you audit me (which you can, in various ways)…  remember at all times that I am Schindler.

—->   Schindler   <—–

Specifically:  Patrick Imi Loa Schindler, born Honolulu Hawaii, July 5 1977

And (accepted use of And at beginning of sentence)  in the words of Snoop Dog…

“You better recognize”

(Snoop… being a great example of a non-violent Bob Marley type…  who still finds a way to speak his truth… )

The right of which I am sworn to uphold

  • Schindler Engineering

P.S.  Thats a 4:59 post….  final call for any updates, corrections, redaction, or edits…  as after the bell I prefer to leave history unedited.

Worth more that way.

Rules of Engagement

When a man is on private property (especially his own private property… no matter what anybody says or has said…) we do not shoot him.

Even if he is black. . .

(enter the Schindler “I understand” smirk here)

Source:  Max Whittaker for The New York Times

Note:  Those are my people, I have been right there, with my wife and child on the street….   facing off with costumed humans wearing armor and wielding weapons….  stopping injustice from happening again.

(The particular injustice I speak of was around housing prices…  but that is a story for another day…  and I am a man who has built more than 1 house)

Anyway –

The article skipped the details (that led police to him…) and that’s fine.  It is an Order of Magnitude thing.  I do not care why the police were there.  A man is dead.

This is an example of SYSTEMATIC INJUSTICE, which I have experience with.


Life Proof:

A woman once systematically called wolf (the police) on me as well.  Am I dead?

Swat team came out onto our property with Assault Rifles.  At night.  Way out in the woods.  Up my very steep and scary driveway.  No lights…

NOT WELCOME just oozes from the approach to my home at night. . .  Cops must have been… (and rightly should have been)…  scared for their life on the approach.




!!  Just because they are “Scared for their life” they can shoot ME!! ?

!! On my property !! ?

!! On the word of a liar !! ?




I did not get shot for 3 or so reasons.

  1. It was the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs…  and they are, for the most part, seasoned and smart.
  2. ********************************************************* Redacted *********************
  3. My “boom-stick”, (the one I train with and use to scare off Mountain Lion and Criminals, Glock 22 SE, S/N MAB022), was in its lock box, marked as appropriate, in plane view – … thru the french doors that I salvaged from Craigs List and installed…. into the wall of the house I salvaged, that we were living in.
  4. I came out in my fucking tight black underwear and did a dance for the boys with the machine guns.
  5. They followed PROCEDURE and secured the situation by pulling pops out of the house, surrounding him, and CLEARING THE SCENE.
  6. The men with machine guns then left my property…  but not before yelling “GOOD…. LUCK…. BUDDY….”

Ya see…

(and there are a lot of topics to cover here…)

In life there are 3 things




You better be integrating RIGHT NOW so as to INSTANTLY manifest your VERY SOON in a way that lands you in THE FUTURE you want.

Otherwise you may likely land in the FUTURE someone else wants (another story)

Since I am a decorated citizen (MSEE)…  retired servant (NNSA)…  and extremely active member of the work force and social movement scene…

It should be OBVIOUS to any LAW…  that my ability to integrate the future in the immediate…  (by adjusting my position, velocity, and acceleration…) is above reproach.

Should I be shot by any law…  or should the law attempt to unnecessarily corner me…  its highly probable that an injustice has occurred.

Oh now on that account…   have I got something to  ->  FUCKING SAY.

  1.  It aint about the Military Industrial Complex
  2. It aint about Politics or Economics
  3. It aint about our Orange Future (first it was green, then blue, then red…  now Orange…  its an emerging market thing… just go with it… and really soon we will have mobile batteries everywhere capable of freeing you from the existing grid infrastructure…)


Its a story about Liars.



How you catch a liar.

How you spot a liar.

Why a liar lies

How they do it, why they do it, what they are thinking….


I have 3 on the hook right now.  Set DEEP…  way past the barb.


I usually play “Catch and Release”…  or…   “Catch and Hand Off”…  but this time…  I am going to take the needle nose pliers…  reach into these liars mouths…  and pull those hooks out.


Just like I do when I catch a fish.




Updates: I like them in bunches

  • The “Resources for Solving Problems” page has seen an update.
  • As for Schindler Engineering Services…  Looks like they are up for grabs:  -> as I am dead-short on cash  <-   (after being annihilated in court by my previous partner).

Looking to get paid @ Industry rates or better.

Having a Masters from Stanford and 18 years in the field does not go well with riding a skateboard to work.

Sometimes god gives you a skateboard.  Ride it..   just dont crash.




It is that easy.

Just speak your truth…  then kill your Facebook page.

(after backing it up and cloning it of course DUH)



Be like Elon Musk.  Change the world in a positive way.  Your way.

Its easy with a little practice.

Stand up and fight for a brighter future.



There is no “US and THEM”.  Only US.



Go for the WIN,WIN every time…  and accept no false dilemma of the:





Those are games that our predecessors played.  We do not play those games.  We play only for the WIN,WIN… and in my game…  everybody can WIN.



(but first we must be honest with ourselves…  as non-truth is the root of all failure)