H22A4 Continued after the bell

Read back – few typo’s

Dont care…   because what we are doing here…  is BELTING OUT DOCUMENTATION

A MAP…  to what we need to capture.

Typo, technical errors, omissions – unimportant for the expert..  as the expert will (on the second pass) easily catch and correct these things.


A nominal 12V battery operates with a single coil.  There is a Fixed distributor (does not rotate and fires off of a TDC sensor).  It has, as you would expect, a rotor, points, wires, plugs.

Plugs are firing -not a wet plug to be found.

Plug wires were “sloppy loose” so…  went ahead and replaced the Rotor (broke the internal insulator hood – as I do every time…  Did not replace the gasket.  Did have to soak out the distributor with PB Blaster and “Chip it away” to get it off (rust).

The replacement parts were PURE GARBAGE procured from AutoZone.  Rotor was sloppy loose, cap was from a loose mold, wires were not adjusted correctly and did not sit “locked”…  sigh…  whatever…  it snaps and starts.

I replaced the ($14 each) Platinum plugs with ($2.50) Each copper plugs.  Fine by me, thats a service item.

Coil…  yea…  could be an issue.  Might be overheating…  dont think so.

Spark timing…  could be an issue.  Would manifest in different ways at different RPM at different loads.  Its feels fine to me.



This is where I am focused…  for several reasons

I do not believe a stoichiometric ratio is being maintained in the high power range*

Fuel tank is between the trunk and the rear passenger seat.  Fuel pump is accessed under a flap and is mounted in the tank.  It has a “Sock” which…  for the reader…  I have run down to empty AT LEAST 200 times.

I have run different pumps at different times.  Larger pumps require modification to the fuel pressure regulator (later)

Anyhow – this pump has the job of pressing as hard as it can on the fuel system.  It maintains a good head on the fuel lines.  Those lines go thru a secondary filter – which is hard to replace – which I replaced.  The old filter had no gunk in it (nobody poured sugar into my take as far as I can tell)

From there we go into a regulator who’s job it is … to maintain a STEADY KNOWN PRESSURE on the fuel rail.  This is crude and related to vacuum.  At high vacuum levels a valve pulls back and allows fuel to return to the tank.  At low vacuum levels the return path is restricted and higher pressure is achieved.

This is hard-mapped into the fuel tables and trimmed thru long and short adjustments based on primary O2 feedback

So…  I swapped the fuel pressure regulator with an un-known good unit.  No change

The rail then goes into a set of injectors which can gum up.  Tons of ways for an engine to run fine at low flow rates and fall off at high flow rates

But remember…  I was stomping on it…  running 120MPH…  wide open at 8,000RPM…  when POP – something went.

Suck a bag up into the intake?  Suck a valve into the combustion chamber?  Hmmm…  who knows


I dont really suspect the injectors and if I did…  I would flush the system with a solvant (that would not eat the o-rings) and be done with it.

At this point…  measurements are required.

There is something called a banjo bolt – on the fuel rail and on the fuel filter.  It attaches the fuel line by allowing gas to flow thru a small hole (its a hollow bolt).  These sometimes come with a second threaded hole atop that…  for screwing in a Fuel Pressure Regulator (or bleeding – WHICH DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN)

I have 2 or 3 fuel pressure regulators.  I have extension hoses to run them out of the engine bay and up to the driver window (NEVER) inside.  I could run a sensor with a sender…    any number of solutions.

What I need to know at this point is:

1)  What is the fuel pressure with a closed throttle body

2)  What is the fuel pressure with vacuum line removed (affirms it is working)

3)  What is the fuel pressure (on the RAIL) under wide open throttle at High RPM???

IF – the fuel pump can not keep up with this need….  THEN…  I need to dig into that shit pot and swap it out.

Fuel pressure is…  collected…  in the….  system.

Stored energy – like a capacitor.

In the lines, in the fuel filter, on the rail….  ready for dynamic response.

It is possible to have a fuel pump capable of high pressure but incapable of high flow that could easily run a car at lower loads then falter near instantly at high loads.

This would point at the fuel sock…  not at the pump…  because if the pump were getting weak…  eh…  let me think about that…


Well…  the pump is working against back pressure.  The highest backpressure is at idle (er… no…  this is when bypass is enabled)…  well then…

We need to measure flow

We must measure flow in order to correlate the work that the pump needs to do at the time when the backpressure from the fuel regulator is offset by the flow thru the injectors.

Yea – anyway…

Voltage to that pump is maximized at higher RPM (unless for some reason the ignition system is eating up too much current and the voltage sags…)

Which it has MANY times… since I regularly run the motor on only the alternator with no battery.

The battery acts as a (snip) – dont know, dont care.

The pump has seen a lot of work.  It was procured by a huckster…  as my original pump…  the wallbro…  was HUGE…  and required a modified (Drilled) fuel regulator to keep fuel pressures SANE.

Wait a second…  dude…  did Matthew forget to swap out the racing fuel pump and accidentally match it to the factory fuel pressure regulator ?!?!?

Hmmm.. …..   This could definitely cause some premature wear.

Well…  anyway…

Since I “did my thing” (patented Schindler Magic Show) at work – I have a few days off to “Think about where I want to work”

Says my Direct Manager and his Director (and Presumably his VP).

See…  I really dont give a fuck about political correctness or playing the game by the rules.  This is what makes me special and different.  I am like dig-dug gone berserk when rooting around for trouble.  I allow NO PERSON to skew my perception of how and why a system works well or does not work well.

I do not drink my Koolaid.  I do not eat my Flintstones vitamins.  I do not take an “Anti-Depressant”…  or any other substance that gives me a false sense of wellness…  when things may or may not be well.


(Its a Vet thing… you will never understand if you dont already) – hopefully

Now…  I do allow people to skew my view…..

(continued from above)

(Except those people who steer and point me to the problems…  those people who I have infinite love for…  even a whisper in the hallway…  a loud conversation across the room…  a mention during a walk…  a slip during lunch)

I pick up the sent of trouble from small talk…  and that is where investigation and troubleshooting begins…

Because let me tell you ….

At EVERY company I have EVER worked at there are ALWAYS some number of GLARING problems that are SO obvious that NOBODY addresses them and they become MALIGNANT.

So I pound on the war drum when I find these problems.

Shakes people up.  Oh well, dont know, dont care…  Back to what I was doing.  My cathartic writing…

ah….  Where was I?

(FYI – currently I am working at a spot that pretty well has a handle on rapidly responding to issues found in a healthy way.  FOR THE MOST PART.  There is some room for improvement in the ladder.  )

Ya know what…  more on that…


It is required that a chain of command works on something more than trust…  so as one goes up the chain…  it is expected that the breadth and depth (relative to the subject matter at hand) becomes more rich…  such that this person can SHOOT FROM THE HIP and just know they are right.

If we go up the chain and reach individuals who have to take guidance from above or below we end up with a bottle neck.

This happens when ORGS or divisions (that should be separate) are mashed together due to budget, resources, schedule, decisions – what ever.

I always report up the chain.

First my Team – keep it local

Then my Manager – escalate

Then his Uppers – in an order which will tell me who is who and what is what

I have no fear of the CEO, CTO, VP’s, Senior Managers, Directors, Managers…  because…


None of them have SIGNIFICANTLY more experience or SIGNIFICANTLY more pedigree or SIGNIFICANTLY more brain-juice than I do.

They simply steer toward the organizational side of things while I steer toward the technical side of things.


Because I make technical decisions…  which…  are just as heavy as programmatic decisions.

Anyway kids…  never let the flock scare you.  If you are a bad-ass engineer…  own your opinion.  Adjust it quickly.  Speak up and speak loud and clear.

Be ready at ALL TIMES to get kicked in the teeth, stabbed in the back, fired, undermined, bit by sheep, and all of the things that come with climbing up the ladder.

Jesus how do I get off on these rants?

Oh yea…  because I am bringing up a new generation of engineers.

Real fucking engineers.

Not PC engineers, or mandatory minimum engineers, or male engineers…  ANY GOD DAMN WARM BODY THAT CAN HOLD ITS OWN

You hear me?

Give a fuck if you are gay, black, female, foreign, crazy, deformed, or even high on some kind of pharmaceutical.  Even all those things….

The one and only one thing I judge an Engineer by is their ability to  Engineer.

Engineering happens in different ways at different times…  as and where required.

Under fire, while at rest

Accurate to the best of your ability

Precise to the best of your ability

Complete to the best of your abiity

You do that for me…  and I will find a way to work around your geeks and tweaks.

Ok…  Ok…  back on track….

Fuel systems in an H22A4




Lets go on a 30 page rant about the state of Engineering …  what we have, what is needed, what happened last time…

Dude…  is anyone aware of the fact that we just pulled out of the hardest curve anyone has ever witnessed since the dawn of human?







Dude….  Seriously dude….

I have been asked (and have answered) to understand ALL OF THAT


ALL that came before it…  the foundation

D O    Y O U   H A V E  A N Y  I D E A

Of how much my mind has had to grow to encapsulate that body of knowledge?

From the Gates thru the chips thru the joints thru the boards thru the firmware thru the software thru the system….  the sensors and API’s…  the communication protocols…

OMFG the communication protocols…

The conceptual level…  hardware level…  built in functionality level…  the paradigms and methods and ways…

The noise and losses and reflections and buffers and decoding


The Cyclic Redundancy…  the Hybrid FIFO Queues….  The 5200 MESSAGES a second we have to process…

The ingress and shock and vibration and temperature

The 42 fucking programming languges

The 42 fucking cultures that pour into engineering

The constant bombardment of new and better parts…  with new and more fleeting loose ends…

The data sheets…  hundreds and hundreds of pages describing buffers and registers and and timing and ….


While Mechanical engineers stepped into Modeling tools that effectively do their job for them…

3D printers that just fart out whatever they can imagine instantly at no cost

3D modeling that gives you very close to 100% feedback…

We over here in (what was called…) Electrical Engineering have had to take the helm.

We are forced to master









I can go on like that…

and I am not talking about “Familiar with” here…

I am talking about WORKING KNOWLEDGE used on a DAILY BASIS to make SYSTEM LEVEL decisions which aim at SHIT THAT WORKS


Software Engineers have had an easy run as well….  their compilers (tools I have MADE for them) have become better and better…  languages easier and easier.

Dude…  Do not tell me…

I had to roll with the ORIGINAL SHIT

The Assembly language

The versions of C that still had BUGS



And I ride a skateboard to work.


Must be because I am a prick.


fuck it.


I learned all of those professions (Dumped thousands and thousands of MY hours into learning those things) for Myself.

If people cant see it…  or do not appreciate it…  or are unable to open their minds to the fact that some of us are poly….


Its a capitalist paradigm.


Go ahead.

Take my house.  Take my job.  Take my car.

Take my reputation.

I could give a fuck….


Because when the avalanche comes….

When the water gushes….

I know what I am doing



And proven and proven and proven…  even when faced with impossibly contorted proofs …  even when I fall flat on my face…  even when I have to crawl the ceiling.

Like a god damn poltergeist over here.


Thats the order I do things.

I can explain it….


Now where was I?  Oh yea…  H22A4….  fucking gas engine.

Why am I not making enough money to buy 3 wrecked Tesla and tear them apart into a new Vehicle?

Clearly because….  eh…



P.S.  Thats called an “Epic Rant”

These days I have to store them up and let them loose “late” since…  the world is so connected.  I have some more really good rants about my experiences at Zero Motorcycles.

My favorite is where (I HEARD) that the Sales Guys (and the like) were pulling like $250k while I was getting paid $40k (or more…) under market as the Quality Engineer.

What does that tell you?

Respect and Pay your Quality Team.  They are very important.