Proof Shots

Now… “Proof Shots” are always important in writing

Folks these days…  need Pics.

Its a magic formula mastered by online content providers.  Pictures break up text, validate text, and …  can…  take a RANT and turn it into an ARTICLE

(of which I have written many…  sigh…)

How you do your work is up to you.  There is nothing inherently “wrong” with scribbling all over the place…  IF…  you come up with the true and correct solution.

(Note – this is an earned privilege, like driving)

Quickly admit when you are wrong…  this is the KEY.

Like…  when I claimed that brown eggs would not result in vivid colors.  Hmmm…  clearly I was wrong…  simply because my preconceived notions of “vivid” involved popping bring colors

Vividity can bee deep and dark in hue.  I do not care if Vividity is a word.  I will make it one.

Kids – this is what our job is…

To bring them up in a way that is better than how we were brought up.

MEASURABLY BETTER – and not by some dumb-fuck-Bush test…  I am talking about an actual measure of a humans value to the world.


See my boy there?

With a pen mustache, stickers on his head, gobbling sugar…  lol…

Same boy who was climbing on jacks with me over the treacherous ocean – learning the real boundaries of SAFE and DANGEROUS.


He is only 5…  and just yesterday he froze up (this is what we look for…)

He was in the bath with the water running.

Now…  I taught him how to run those dials 3 years ago when he was TWO.  He got it.  He demonstrated.

Some idiot UNLEARNED him.

Fucking UNLEARNED him.


So…  we are headed back from the beach…  which we walked to directly from his school (82 feet he told me – ~162 steps)…

I was in a wetsuit, door got slammed, I got locked outside…  he is in the bath.


He was not allowed to turn the dials at his moms house….

He responded to me in the MOST ALARMING way by saying “I DONT UNDERSTAND” to my instructions (thru the bathroom window) to simply turn off the water if the tub was getting too full…

Or let papa in thru the front door so that I dont have to spider-man the god-damn chimeny


Yea…  kids should not open the front door?

Kids …  should not run the valves in a tub?



Kids should UNDERSTAND what the valves are, what the valves do, what the risks are.

Kids should UNDERSTAND who might knock on the door, how to verify it is someone you trust, how to make DECISIONS

Deciding to blindly obey is NOT an “optimal outcome solution”

Its a dumbfuck way of raising kids.

Just like hitting kids is dumb fuck

Just like totally dominating the little humans is dumb fuck

Come on…

Its like the guys who dont see that women are 3 generations away from being house slaves…  and still think they get handled with kid gloves.

I still have to fight women with both hands tied behind my back.  They are allowed to strike deadly blows…  I have to play kid gloves.  It sucks.  Do you know how many times have have had the shit beat out of me by an insane woman?

Not physical shit…  I am talking about mental and emotional…  politics and games…  what I call…  Violence.

(I named it “Woman Violence” the other day…  but that is another story and it is quite personal and real.)

Buncha shit…  but anyway…  (court, lawyers, common law…  )

Pics or it didn’t happen

14mm Crows foot on an 18″ extension FROM THE TOP…  not from the bottom.

Yep…  engine timing is right.  Did not skip a tooth.

Crank shaft pulls a belt, pulls a water pump, pulls a balancer, pulls a couple cams, pulls a balancer, and slack gets taken up by an Auto or Manual tensioner

Auto tensioners fail – and I have lost an engine to one…  race engine.

Belts can skip on those cams…  have to line everything up TDC and view the marks.

While you are in there crank it to different positions and spot check that valve lash.  Mine is ok…  I can hear it and do not need to measure it.

In the words of a surer at the lane…


What he was talking about was the steady stream of new kooks pouring out into the water…  each and every one of which needs to get hazed out…  or beaten in.

Yea…  I know all about hazing

I know all about “me too”

I know all about Working up without a degree

I know all about having a degree.


I understand.