History – in Log base 10

First and foremost…. it is my belief that the majority of humans (including myself) are not mentally equipped to “actualize” data which is  log 10.

(So to jump to the end…  be careful presenting graphed data in Log 10 – IF you want your audience to actually grasp the magnitude of the data – at the level where they can feel it – and not just mouth the words)

Is the shell in that rock (or the rock in that shell) …. a day old?

Perhaps 10, 100, or 1,000 days?

How about a billion days? (I don’t believe we can make that jump… even if we think we can…  based on a few examples where we have been able to)


It is questionable as to whether we can conceptualize

$1,000,000,000.00     –     One Billion Dollars

Lets assume for a second that we can.  I agree that we can …  understand it in terms of what we can get for it or do with it (so referenced to something arbitrary, relative, and changing thru time)

It is then only on that assumption that we can fool ourselves into thinking we understand:

$1,000,000,000,000.00     –     One Trillion Dollars

That’s a lead in to something completely off topic that is right on topic.  It goes a bit like this:


Statement:  “War could very well be THE benchmark for inefficiency”

Assuming that it is…    (for a moment, because that is what academics do to solve BIG problems…)

Also assuming that (Enter 3 phd thesis here, ~1,000 pages)

Question:  “How much money do the United States tax payers pump into War, relative to our efforts to develop the Electric Revolution”?

This takes a lot of research

You have got to dig and dig and dig

You have got to get your feet dirty so to speak.

Dig into war…   DEEP…  like 10 years deep

Dig into EV…  DEEP…  like 10 years deep

When you are done rooting around (like DigDug) there will be a pile (or a few piles)

Tailings – lots of tailings

Fools gold – lots of fools gold

Pay Dirt – oh yea…   major Pay Dirt…

When you find that Pay Dirt…  what will you do?

Fill up a backpack and run for the woods?

Fill up a truckload and drag axle to town?

Announce what you have found… lay claim to what you have found…  maybe enslave others to the task of unearthing more of what you found for your own

Business – from the 1850’s gold rush thru the 1950’s technology rush thru the 2050 rush into space.

At every turn..  (SNIP – no opinions)

Tell you this:

The scarcity of resources is strictly an illusion.


We have allowed a few to collect a lot.


It is now time for them to invest it.


Whats a Billion dollars?