Paying the bills….

I hate tough decisions.

I have learned (through having a child) that <<indecision>> is not an optional decision…   especially when you are a Safety Officer or otherwise in charge of big dangerous things.

I have worked on (arguably) 2 Google Robotics programs.  They each ended for their own reasons.  I had to end the second because of the financial plan (it again had me riding a skateboard to work…  and not even an electric one!)

You can see them around and of course I have pictures and pictures and pictures and stories and awesome stories…

I have kids and expenses and lawyer bills and startup debts…

I can not longer volunteer my time to the Electric Revolution (at the cost of my family)


This time around I will accept (if offered) a full time role.

Yea…  yea…  before at both Google and Tesla …  I fought the employee thing.  I WANTED to be a contractor – but – I WANTED to make a point of it…  and charge a fair wage.

I charged a flat dollar a minute – $60/hr – on a LOT of jobs.  Now…  after self employment tax, healthcare, Social Security, Account…  you want to know how much I earn from a fee like that?

Like $30 motherfucking bux an hour.  (insert messed up pic here)

I am not greedy.  I do not wish to dominate the world with evil robots.  I would be happy with $144k to $160k starting.

For that I will get traction on my own time…  work 12s for days on end figuring out what the hell is going on…


We start saving money.

  1.  Greenhorn program to teach design for Manufacturing…  to show…
    1. What it costs to engineer 3 versions
    2. What it costs to manufacture 3 versions
    3. What it costs to rework 3 versions
    4. …  low volume…  high volume…  turn key and slave labor…  hand filed and lights out manufactured

Programs like that –

Save the company $5M in a microsecond.  Offset my costs.

Check my track record.  Nobody has ever been hurt on my job site.  Nothing shady has happened on my watch (and when I have detected shady…  I have INDICATED hard…)

…  and on like that…

I am converging on wanting to work for Google.

Even if it means 2 hours on the race track every day to get there (hence…  I will NEED a salvaged Tesla to keep me busy.  Paint it primer black and roll cage it lol…)