Resources for solving problems

We update this list periodically based on feedback from the field and the desires of those listed.  I can unconditionally vouch for the skill and aptitude of every person below

(TO DO:  Add pictures.  Personalize paragraphs.  Add rates if desired.)

Update:  I have been tasked with recruiting again.  So…  starting Monday, with a lunch…  I will be hiring for EVERY position at ALL TIMES.

Especially…  those positions which require a Polytechnic experienced in the subject mater.


Electrical Engineering

Boran Peng (BSEE with startup experience.  Background in customer facing automotive)

I have worked with Boran across 2 startup companies.  Boran is excellent at buttoning up a project.  He is very firm about his quality standards…  but he is flexible enough to get the job done when it needs to happen.  Whether you need a feature added to a well documented system, or you need a proof of concept – Boran has my vote of confidence.  Boran takes your problem home with him and doesn’t rest until he is sure everything is right.



Turn-Key Support

Pavl Zachary (30 years of taking projects from conception to completion)

Pavl is the most clever and capable person I have ever worked with.  He is equally adept at pondering possibilities as he is at slamming a job together on a deadline.  When Pavl says something is going to work…  I dont even think about it.  I just know it is going to get done and it is going to exceed my expectations.  Pavl has breadth and depth in many fields, mechanically leaning.  R&D prototypes/proofs of concept, Machining/Welding/Structures, Production cabinetry, parts reproduction, reverse engineering, you name it.




Kimberly Grischy  (BSA pending CPA with over 10 years experience. (Background in Property Management and debt collection)

Not since my undergraduate days have I witnessed an individual work so diligently toward a goal.  Kimberly works 16 hour days and maintains a good attitude while doing so.  I had the privilege of watching her pass the first two CPA exams with flying colors…  all while working at a firm and helping to launch Schindler Engineering.  If you need someone to kick ass – Kimberly can do it with a smile.  She will act on your behalf and make it look easy.



Emotional Support (just kidding…)

Call your therapist.