While studying at Stanford I took an HCI class.

“Human Computer Interaction”

In this class we covered the MOST AMAZING tools for conveying information that I have ever seen.

Below are some examples of the tools I intend to use to display our “stats”.



Here is a Word Cloud built up of 750 Million words that correlate with President Trump

Source: CNN Politics

Now…  that is a Word Cloud of what people SAY about trump.


What is FAR more interesting is a Word Cloud consisting of what Trump himself has said….

Using a Word Cloud you can literally perform an Integral of a persons message.  This is extremely powerful stuff.  Check it out…

Source: Zoomata

When you start to use HCI to visualize what comes out of a persons mouth (or pen…  or keyboard…) a picture is painted.

A true and correct picture…  if the word cloud is a good one…

And…  this is part of why I always ask teams to **Communicate Over Email**…


This is so that we can Validate or Invalidate your message and impact…  by literally GRAPHING what you have been saying and how you have been saying it!

Source:  Outside the Beltway

Now I just grabbed these after a super quick search of the net.  Back in 2008 -when the tools were semi new and things were politically hot -…  I saw some real smokers.

Word Clouds extract the essence of what someone is saying…  by enlarging the words they use MOST…  so as to expose the real message (impact) of their speech.

If you run a Word Cloud on someone who is displaying dysfunctional behavior it shows up VERY QUICKLY.


Circular Arguments

Kicking the Can

Probably time to do some of these exercises.